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Our end-to-end services cover all drilling, excavation, hauling, splicing, testing and commissioning, aerial work, copper work, electrical work, internals and data cabling.

Cable Installation Operations

  • Major network optical fibre installation, specialising in pneumatic technologies, together with mechanical and manual cable placement capability

  • Underground coaxial and copper cable deployment

  • Aerial optical fibre, coaxial and ADSS cable installation

Optical Fibre Splicing

  • New installations

  • Maintenance operations

  • Cut-over projects and emergency operations

Optical Fibre Testing

  • Project acceptance testing

  • Diagnostic testing, including identification, location analysis and repair of faults and losses

  • Collation and presentation of digital test data

Aerial Infrastructure Operations

  • Aerial optical fibre, coaxial and ADSS cable installation

  • Coaxial splicing, activation and testing for:

    • subdivision developments

    • relocations

    • emergency and maintenance works

    • customer access network (CAN) builds

Internal Operations

  • Emtelle-accredited specialists in internal pneumatic

  • optical fibre installation technologies

  • Equipment installations and commissioning

  • Internal conduit and cabling operations

  • Digital PABX systems

  • Cat 5 and Cat 6 integrated computer network systems

  • Equipment room fabrication, including new builds and modifications to existing structures

  • Associated electrical works

  • Project design services

Technical Specialisation & Commissioning

Our superior technical specialists are proficient in a vast array of Information technology, specialising in commissioning services ranging from Copper, 2M Fibre
Transmission, Ethernet Evolution, IP MAN and Highspeed 1/10G Optic Wave services. Our dedicated technicians have extensive experience working with equipment from
the majority of leading manufacturers including Marconi, Ericsson, MRV and Cisco.

Civil Construction Operations

  • Pit and conduit installation and maintenance

  • Manhole fabrication

  • Directional drilling

  • Trenching and rock sawing

  • Zero tension ploughing

  • Internal equipment installations

  • Difficult access customer installations

Project Management

QC Communications also provides a full range of in-house project management services to ensure each project is completed on time, on budget and is defect-free:

  • Project quality control

  • Project realisation and site management

  • Data collection

  • Report preparation

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