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An expert delivery partner


As experts in optical fibre and data infrastructure, we know there is no margin for error during an installation. QC Communications’ skilled team and series of robust compliance systems ensure consistency and reliability for each stage of your installation, large or small.

Attention to Detail


On every project, we apply the same principles to ensure satisfactory completion, on time and within budget:

  • Provision of project quality control

  • Project realisation and site management

  • Data collection and report preparation

Our highly organised and efficient processes are relied on by telecommunications companies every day. We take all factors into consideration before we quote, so you can be confident your job will stay on budget and complete on time.

Expert Team


We also offer you our ability to resolve issues not included in any manual. The QC Communications team brings immense expertise and a problem-solving approach to ensure swift and practical resolutions to overcome any obstacle. Our team comprises highly qualified optical fibre and data infrastructure experts, with years of experience across our complete end-to-end services. Whatever your installation challenge, our team’s skills and knowledge identifies the right solution, quickly and cost-effectively.

Single Point of Contact


To keep everything on track during each installation, you will have a single point of contact. Your QC Communications project manager will always be available for advice and progress updates.

Our Value-Add


When we work with you, we work toward three goals:


To meet your requirements safely and promptly.


To deliver a high quality, defect-free result.


To complete the installation on time and on budget.

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