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Wireless Deployment


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As telecommunications technologies shift and improve, telecommunications carriers need to augment, upgrade, or relocate their equipment to meet the needs of their customer base. Our civil, technical and rigging teams are experienced across all carriers and vendors and able to undertake all wireless network augmentation project. The team can construct and deploy all modern base station technologies and are also experienced across a range of access transmission systems.


Our teams are equipped to work within telecoms exchange buildings and equipment shelters/huts, towers, masts, monopoles and building rooftops. Our people have been upgrading networks for over 30 years and have accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in:


  • Field surveys and scoping activities

  • Rollout project and program management

  • Establishment of Greenfield locations - Telecommunications excavation and tower / monopole erection

  • Rigging, commissioning and installation to all carrier standards

  • RAN capacity - 3G / 4G / 5G upgrades and network cutovers

  • Small Cell and Wi-Fi deployment and maintenance

  • IBC / DAS deployment, commissioning, and integration

  • Transmission upgrades including installation and commissioning of optical fiber and microwave transmission systems

  • AC electrical power installation, upgrade and cut overs utilising overhead or underground cable routing

  • DC power and facility upgrade network construction comprising modular rack mounted rectifier control systems coupled to battery string installations

  • Decommissioning and recovery of systems

  • Field maintenance


Our field teams have current and relevant certifications for high risk work and are regularly re-certificated and trained to stay current.


QC Communications have large warehousing facilities enabling us to accommodate project materials and to provide logistics and spares management services.


Over the next 12 months, QC Communications will be expanding its Wireless operations into all key states building upon its existing fixed line business centres.

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